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New Version 11.2.31
« on: June 06, 2015, 09:58:34 AM »
Hi Mates,

Update your wallets & masternodes - this update is required!

Current version is for all OS

Masternode package:


We switch (hardcoded) from KGW original @Block 99.500 to KGW2 settings & @Block 101.000 to DELTA Diff.

- KGW2 @Block 99.500
- DELTA @Block 101.000

We decide after that which retarget weŽll choose in the future, perhaps we build a kgw 2.0 with improvements from DELTA.

DELTA is the most advanced diff algorithm that has been developed by the Guldencoin development team
to keep our blockchain running smooth and to give our dedicated miners better value.
Multi/Jump pools have changed the game and DELTA is our answer to them.

Regards LimxSupport and Limxdev

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